Sunday, July 11, 2004


Just shy of 25 years ago I left Auckland for Wellington to start a new life. This was as my birth name. Five and a half years ago, I left Wellington and moved to Auckland to start a new life. Still my birth name, but overlaid with a scene name of Kiore. That Kiore's not high on my priorities, but I like the name, so I think I'll keep it. Now once again I am starting over. This time, leaving town isn't an option. The previous times there's been something drawing me to the other end of the journey. This time it would just be running away. I choose not to run. So, here's the raw material for the second incarnation of Kiore. I'm 46. Single, based in Auckland, employed in a great job with a good company. My parents are elderly and I see them reasonably often. Perhaps I could see them more. Perhaps I will be a more dutiful child in the months and years to follow. Currently I'm looking for a new home. A base for my new life. I wonder which of the various options that appear will turn out to be the one for me. I'm intending this blog to be my diary of the changes, the finding of me mark 4, what I am calling 'Kiore mark 2', if I keep that name.