Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dunedin Fragment

Hard to know where to start.

After an eventful morning that I won’t dwell on here, Tessa dropped me at Auckland airport & I caught the flight to Christchurch. The flight was uneventful & surprisingly short — I had expected it to be about twice the time of a Wellington flight, but it was only a little over half as long again.

I checked in & was soon searching for food. Dunedin seemed pretty much closed, but I found a Pizza place & satisfied my hunger before climbing into bed. At Christchurch I had about 15 minutes on the ground before it was time to board the flight to Dunedin. The flight crew were friendly, but nothing could disguise the age or size of the aircraft; nor the propellors.

None-the-less we made it. First surprise, the airport is a very long way out of the city. Still the shuttle bus delivered me and two others safely to the university college