Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hush my dear, the bunny's near

It seems like only yesterday were doing Valentine's and now we are only 2 weeks out from Easter. This year seems to be vanishing even faster than last.

It's the first full year of my fiancé, Tessa's, gourmet baking business Sweet Expectations and as each special occasion comes around she needs to do a brand new special page on her site for Les petites gâteries de la saison. Tonight we added the page with her list of Hand made gourmet Easter treats.

 So if you're in Auckland and want some delicious hand made Easter treats,
check out her web page and get on the phone.

Remember, there's only 14 shopping days 'til Easter.

Photos by Tessa Clement (née Shoebridge) and Copyright © 2010. All rights reserved, used by permission.