Sunday, September 06, 2015

365 days smoke free

Acording to my Quitline stats:
Smokefree days: 365 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 10950
Total savings: $9,818.50

No witty light hearted comments. I'm damned proud of lasting this long and will always be grateful to Champix, Quitline and my support team on the Quitline blogs, for making it happen. I doubt I could have made it without any of the three.

These days my main trigger for thinking about smoking is encountering fresh cigarette smoke (e.g. talking to a smoking friend in the street), but ironically my second worst trigger is Quitline itself. It just gets me thinking about the quit, the addiction, all the hard work, etc and that leads onto thinking "One would be OK" -- which, of course, it would not be.

In addition, about a month ago and for the couple of weeks leading up to then I had a powerful crisis in my life. I'm not quite ready to talk about it so I'll spare you the details. Since then, amongst other things, I have made a conscious decision to be more in touch with my feelings and emotions and to re-train myself not to just suppress them. Things that trigger a desire to smoke are not particularly welcome in this new Weltanschauun.

I'll still unreservedly recommend Quitline to anyone who wants to stop smoking.