Sunday, December 22, 2013

Did a 4 Dimensional black hole spawn the Universe?

Not being a physisist I've often idly wondered how the universe, constrained to a single point, at the start of the big bang avoided being a black hole, now there's a theory that it started as a 4 dimensional black hole, making it even more mysterious to me.
The "Big Bang model tells us that the Universe exploded out of an infinitely dense point, or singularity. But nobody knows what would have triggered this outburst: the known laws of physics cannot tell us what happened at that moment."

"It is also difficult to explain how a violent Big Bang would have left behind a Universe that has an almost completely uniform temperature, because there does not seem to have been enough time since the birth of the cosmos for it to have reached temperature equilibrium."

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Qondio, R.I.P.

It looks like Qondio has finally shut down.

I was a user of it from the early days when it was known as Qassia. I think it started on a fairly optimistic note as a place where quality content could be posted, and quality was ensured by a process of having other members rate contributions. Unfortunately being open access they had a lot of problems when some scammers moved in and tried to rig the voting process. If I recall correctly this led to them making some changes but by then the damage to their reputation seems to have been done.

It limped along for a couple of years and I noticed a week or two back that it no longer seemed to be there. For a while the domain name redirected and now seems to be on a hosting provider's default page.

I liked the idea and for quite a while I hoped it would recover, but alas it seems not.

I'm now working on transferring the posting that were unique to Qondio to this blog (or in a few cases one of my other ones) and will be keeping the original posting dates.