Tuesday, January 19, 2016

500 days smokefree and looking good

Smoke free days: 500 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 15000
Total savings: $13,450.00

Wow. I'm so glad to see those figures still there. Yesterday morning I came close to having one. I finished the coming out at work process by emailing the overseas people I work directly with to let them know I am now Julia. After sending that I stressed out and walked outside and into smoker's corner. Nicodemon was with me, and "Special circumstances, just one today can't hurt" was in my mind.

Luckily no smokers were there, I sat and thought, asking myself why, just when I've finally got my life right, do I suddenly want to return to the destructive tobacco addiction? After a while I got up and returned to the office. At lunchtime I went to The Warehouse and bought some nice summer tops in the end of season clearance sale with the money that would have bought a 30 pack of cigarettes. I'll still have the tops long after the cigarettes would have been butts in the great ashtray of history.

500 days, still smoke free and still looking good.

Last night more stand-up, this time at Doolan's an open mic.  Normally you're only performing to other comedians there. A friend of mine from work was there with her husband and I tried out some new material. Another comedian had some friends of hers there to and they started laughing at bits of my material where I wasn't expecting much reaction in that room. There were also some walk-ins unrelated to other comedians and Tessa tells me the ones sitting near her were laughing. Nice to know I can hit the mark.

Afterwards, buzzing on adrenalin but no desire for a smoke. Long may it last - both the comedy and the not smoking.

An earlier version of this blog appeared on quit-line.