Thursday, March 31, 2005


Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog. Well, that's what they said they'd add. What they didn't make clear is you lose the blogspot commenting ... including the stored comments! It may not be a biggie, but ... people made those comments, I don't want to throw them away just because I've added trackback. So, about 2 hours later I have both sets of comments showing on my blog. It's ugly, but ... Let's see how it goes. What's really really ugly is I seem to have doubled up the haloscan insert on the individual article pages. Now that needs to be fixed, but not tonight.


0 said...

Hey Bruce,

The interesting thing about our recent visits to each others' blog, I found you for a reason unrelated to Haloscan. I was looking up "Ivory Troll" in technorati when I found your link to an old genetics posts of mine, Pokemon Causes Cancer. So after reading a little more of your blog I thought, 'I think I'm going to come back here', & blog rolled you. Turns's the really interesting've had a problem with Haloscan & I've recently posted about it too. Wow...right when I thought the world wasn't that small...

Julia Clement said...


Hi Omar

I got to your site today via a scan on Technorati to see who linked to me. I didn't even make the connection with the Pokemon posting when I saw the site.

I doubt it's the small world effect, more that people that care about their blogs get curious about who's linking to them, quoting them, etc.

Two hundred years ago people most people lived in small communities bounded by the distance to the next village. We still do, but thanks to modern transport and communication our villages don't have to be physically bounded, we can if we choose belong to villages defined by common interests. Hmm, could be a good topic for a blog entry.

Trackback is a nice concept. Haloscan's implemention is flawed in the way that it gets added to the blog template, but when you consider that it's being added into an environment that wasn't designed to have hooks for tools like it, they do pretty well.

What I'd like to see is a trackback fully implemented into the blog code, but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for blogspot to implement it.