Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Working ... Working ... Working

Day Job

I'm feeling disorientated at work this week. The week before last we had consultants and implementors from our international branches in town for a conference. My regular routine was shot as I had to do a couple of presentations and sit in on a few sessions. I expected that. What I didn't expect was that I'd end up sitting in on several extra sessions and be asked during the week to present on a technological "futures" idea for our premier product. That plus my boss was supposed to phone & warn me if a preceeding session was running over time. He often managed to do that. The one time I was really quite annoyed was when I came in from home on the Saturday for my last presentation to find that the previous session was only just getting under way.

Then we have a customer conference coming up next week. So again, more prep. I've been scheduled for 3 presentations, more than any other developer. But I think I'm on-time for getting them done in time. Need to have my slides in by Thursday so they can go on the CD-ROM for the delegates, but I can do it.

Complicating the week, David, the CTO, has come down from the UK for the user conference & his six-monthly catchup with his staff. First thing Monday the team leaders were summoned into the conference room & he announced that he had decided to step down as boss of the software team & concentrate on being CTO for the hardware business. A new "MIS" CTO has been appointed and my boss' position has been disestablished.

So, it's David running around doing the David things, Campbell running around doing the Campbell things, and at the end of the week they both stop being my bosses. I keep thinking about a portion of Jonathon Dimbleby's The Last Governor where towards the time of Hong Kong's hand-over to China when the Chinese had made it clear that new laws passed by the British administration would not carry on, when relationships between the British & the Chinese were at a low ebb, Chris Patton continued with "business as usual" and was hurt that increasingly the Hong Kong Chinese turned towards the mainland. The same mainland that was about to resume control of their island. I feel a bit like those HK Chinese civil servants who had to go through the motions of supporting their outgoing boss while knowing that the real future lies with the new boss.

And the home business?

Nothing much really. Too cabbaged by the day job to be creative. I did sign-up for Amazon's affiliate program though. The way I read, I might as well build links to their books

Relaxation, then?

Ha! Blogging. In a quiet moment I did press the see next blog link on my blog before. It took me to a blog by someone calling herself Falsafah. Her site says "Falsafah means the love and pursuit of wisdom and knowledge. Serenity ; Calmness." I like that sentiment. Good luck with the job search Falsafah.

And that's all from me tonight.


Julia Clement said...

Thank you,


It's the Maori name for the pacific rat (Rattus Exulans),
It's the Manx word for the number four,
and it's a town in Albania.

In my younger days I had four pet rats, but have never set foot in Albania.


I use it in the rodent sense, I started playing on-line bridge while I still had Dev, my last rat, and needed a nickname ... it was all I could think of. That was nearly 10 years back.

I've had the domain name for 5 years, and finally figured out what to do with it. LOL, protective coloration, I've been dabbling with portal software & needed something to have a portal about.

Anonymous said...

I like rats. I wish I had one as a pet. I can't keep a pet because I can't afford to keep one. Not now, hopefully soon :)

Julia Clement said...

They make good pets, except they don't live very long.

Of course, like any pet animal, they need taking care of and if you're having troubles taking care of yourself, it's just an extra drain.

Sorry, I'm a little down myself tonight. As I explained in tonight's entry in the blog I'm just pooped.