Saturday, April 12, 2008

Auckland Daily Photo

I just stumbled on this amazing photo blog by a Lachezar Karadzhov about whom I know absolutely nothing except he takes great photographs. According to the site he was a finalist in the Best Oceanian Photoblogs 2007 competition for his Lachezar's photo_notes site, and I can well believe this.

As the name suggests, he publishes a photograph of Auckland every day and he's been doing it for around 18 months. My favourite photo (so far) on his site is The corner which shows a cyclist at the corner of Alex Evans and upper Symonds Streets. He's manipulated the photo to enhance the colour of the advertising posters and made the rest of the photo black and white, except for the baleful red glare of two traffic lights.

Well worth a browse and I'll be returning frequently.

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