Thursday, February 03, 2011

Getting a handle

Today has been flat-out. Actually all week has been much that way. I've made some dreadful mistakes setting up my little mini-site empire:
  • Domains that aren't delegated
  • Domains with no content
  • Domains with no incoming links
You name it, and it exists somewhere in my portfolio. Yesterday I sorted out the domains that are part of the mini-site group that should be delegated or have content ... sorted out meaning I know what they are, not that I've fixed them. On the other hand I've found a new writer and tasked him with completing the work I had started on a year or so back. If his work is OK, I'll get him onto the next domain and so forth.

Always liking to have a plan-B I've been investigating copy-writing agencies and have a few that have attracted favourable reviews. I've avoided them in the past as I like (at least in theory) having an on-going relationship with the writer. Still, needs must.

I'm not a great believer in random links, but I've been looking at my portfolio and adding in sensible inks between related sites. Everything has at least 2 incoming links now.

After that Tessa & I met some friends for a brief meal at the Henderson mall. I haven't been there for a while and it was quite a surprise to me how much and how little Henderson had changed. Too many vacant shop fronts and offices for lease for my taste.

Finally back home & a couple of blog entries. This one (naturally) and an opinion piece on ¿Que? on the future of journalism ... a bit long and a bit shakey in some of my conclusions but, hey, I'm not being paid for this so I can give my opinion :)

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