Thursday, September 25, 2014

Psuedosynæsthesia ODAAT, not DOATT

Except for the lozenges and e-cigarettes I've tried everything everyone else on Quit-line has mentioned. before 1990 I even tried snuff and smokeless tobacco.

The only thing that's ever really worked for me has been nicotine receptor blockers like Zyban and Champix.

I'm on Champix now and on my 19th smoke free day. The cravings are largely gone, triggers are now very few, but what I have learned is I can't let my guard down. One cigarette and it's back to day 1. I've come too far to want to contemplate that.

I'm also on day 2 of a 24 hour virus. When I was a smoker, I'd force myself to light up and puff even when it made me cough so bad my lungs hurt. It was a relief today not to feel the urge to do this to myself.

  • ODATT = One Day At The Time, The motto of Alcoholics Anonymous;
  • DOATT = Day One All The Time)

An earlier version of this posting was originally published on Quit line on Wednesday 24 October 2014.


I asked if anyone else was experiencing strange tastes unrelated to what they are actually eating?

A few times recently I've noticed a smoky aroma from Moccona coffee. Tonight I was having a peanut butter sandwich and suddenly had a taste of cinnamon. There was no cinnamon anywhere near me.

Someone on Quit-line mentioned green tea tastes like cigarettes to her now. Hmmm, green tea and cigarettes. I guess if you're a regular green tea drinker, that's much like my getting a smoky smell in my coffee.

I've noticed that Circus Circus' coffee tastes a bit stronger than previously, but Tessa also noticed that so I figured it was real. I still like about the same amount of chili-in-oil on my crispy pork.

I think I'll blame it on the Champix.

[[October 14 update. I seem to have gone off the crispy pork a bit since writing this, I'm finding it too fatty. I hope this isn't a long term taste change.]]

An earlier version of this posting was originally published on Quit line on Thursday 25 October 2014.

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