Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Here's to other quitters

All's pretty quiet in my own smoking cessation process. Meanwhile I've had time to think of others on their own journeys.

Although there are many others, there are four people I'm going to call out to.

First up Ladylene. She made the first ever comment on my first quit-line blog and was one of my supporters in the early days. Yesterday she reported severe burns to her hands in a cooking fire. Tessa (Wifi Wifie) and I send you our best regards and hope you fully recover without resorting to nicotine.

JohhnyRed was another commenter on my first blog entry. Johnny has since relapsed as a smoker but is setting a quit date and is going to give up in the next few days. Johnny I send you my best wishes for your quit.

Maanu and Calmwaters are other lapsed quitters. Maanu was another of my supporters in my early days. They, joined by a few others quit together on the first of NO-Vember. Some of us are actively supporting them. NO-Vembrists, I send you my congratulations,  support and wishes for a permanent escape.

As for me, I'm going to be starting the third smoke free month in a few days and I hear that's one of the danger areas in quitting so I'm chilling and marshalling my strength. Meanwhile let's all get in behind our fellow quitters who have a more immediate need of support.

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