Sunday, July 03, 2016

Devilishly Good Stats: 666 days, 20,000 Cigarettes, 200 quitline blogs

Smokefree days: 666 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 19980
Total savings: $17,915.40

Sometime today I will hit the 20,000 cigarette mark (I was doing 30 a day at the end).

This is [a copy of] my 200th Quitline blog post.

Back on Saturday 6th September 2014 I doubted I would last the day, by the Monday I still doubted I would last the day, Tuesday I doubted I the week. I am still here and still smokefree.

Since then it has been one day at a time always one day at a time. I still get cravings and temptations. I'm not proud of any of those but they have served to tell me that I have to stick to NOPE as I can not be a casual smoker ... I'd very quickly get back to 30 a day.

Originally posted on Quit Line blogs. 

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