Friday, August 24, 2018

What will the Internet look like in 10 years time?

Making a few guesses here, but perhaps

In 10 years:

1. Facebook or a Facebooklike service will exist and will be universally used for keeping in touch with friends and families. It will be impossible to function in most organised recreational milieux and many occupations without using that service (It's already impossible to get started as an amateur comedian in Auckland without Facebook as nearly all the significant gigs are arranged through it)

2. All entertainment other than physical meet-ups (e.g. live theatre / comedy / music) will be delivered via the Internet. Along with the entertainment a lot of educational resources will be available in the same way.

3. Broadcast TV & radio will have effectively ceased although the FM band may have some minority interest channels much as the AM band does now.

4. Local general streaming services (e.g. Lightbox) will have failed to compete & there will be a small number of streaming services delivering generic content internationally. There will be enormous pressure on these services to carry everything but they will also have incredible power to censor content. This censorship will be opaque and will not be according to New Zealand standards.

5. I think there will still be a niche for specialist streaming services. If services like Sky survive they will be streaming sport (largely) involving sports popular in NZ and obviously NZ teams.

6. I hope there are specialist channels for NZ culture, arts and documentaries, but that will be a political decision.

7. NZ domestic consumers will still be handed out only IPv4 addresses even though IPv6 has been around since 1998.

8.. We've seen the internet on black cables, blue cables, yellow cables. I'm picking that in 10 years it will be on bubblegum pink cables.

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