Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Characters and Cast of Ten Years a Comedian

I've just added a page listing the cast and characters for the 10 Years a Comedian show to the website. Obviously Julia, Tessa & Nicola are the cast while DEATH is a character and it was easy to list all four. Then there were three interesting cases.

Hand Sanitizer Guy is one. In 2013 when I performed that set I didn't think of him as anything more than a slightly amplified version of me as it was the set that was everything and I only performed the set twice but when I returned after 2 years away a few people looked at me and asked "Aren't you the Hand Sanitizer Guy?" so obviously it had made an impression. I eventually decided I wouldn't list him as a character because he wasn't one. Performing that set will suffice.

Having rejected Hand Sanitizer Guy there was the question, should I list the pre-transition me as a character? The answer I came up with is he was a character I portrayed but almost entirely off-stage so he doesn't really fit the model of a comedic character.

Finally there is Pinky (Pink Monkey), a soft toy from K-Mart. The monkey character is from the toy sorting scene in last year's show 50 Years Before The Frock. Pinky represents me, being cast into the blue bin and taking over 50 years to get out. Originally a blue monkey of the same design was one of a dozen toys I bought for that scene when I suddenly saw that the pink monkey would be a better representation of me than the pink piglet I had originally intended so I went back and got it.

The toy sorting scene, and thus Pinky, wasn't originally going to be part of the current show then I used Pinky as a puppet in the photo shoot for the show's image, intending to edit her out, but when I needed a landscape image, I opted to leave her in. This got me thinking & I realised that my subconscious was telling me that even though 50 Years isn't comedy, this scene is a bit funny and I eventually found a twist that lets it be used. Hence Pinky legitimately becomes a character that should be listed, so I did.

I've ended up listing DEATH who is not me but is portrayed by me, then there's me portrayed by me, and Pinky who is me but is not portrayed by me. Confused? I find it a little confusing but it seems right.

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