Thursday, June 11, 2020

Virtual Fringe Festival

A huge number of live performances have been cancelled around the world in 2020, including the festivals that helped many creatives find audiences.

We've watched this with much pain & have decided to create a fringe festival of live streamed events & shows in August and September. Like many other fringe festivals, it is unjuried (open access). Unlike other festivals, we don't restrict the number of shows that can be in the festival.Festivals have traditionally all been limited. Either by the number of shows that their "official venue(s)" can take or by the capacity of the surrounding venues and other performing spaces.

With live streaming there are effectively no limits. Everyone who has Twitch, YouTube or Facebook can stream for free. That is their venue & where their show will be held.

There's plenty of other options and several differences with streamed vs a face-to-face performance but in principle it allows performances from anywhere to anywhere.

Right now I'm working flat out to finish the website and promote the festival to creatives.

Hopefully I'll have news to keep you posted with.

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