Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Conference Day 2

Polar Bear's Picnic

The day started with another cooked breakfast. I have to admit that I went for the same as I had the previous day. Sorry, but I do love my bacon. Lucky I don't keep it at home or I'd be even heavier than I am now. After breakfast we assembled by the monorail station again & walked through to the polar bear enclosure. This time I had my camera. There are two young male bears at Seaworld, but they had a little accident and one of them was sporting a broken leg, so only the other one was out. He was a complete clown. He also liked performing around the window to the underwater viewing room, eventually he found a chewed rib cage on the bottom, so I suspect that the keepers encourage the bears to play there by lacing it with treats. Who cares, it was a great show, and I got quite a bit of video footage.


Much the same as yesterday. I got into far too much detail in my v.19 presentation and lost my audience. Luckily we were on a light timetable & had to cut it short before my audience resorted to gnawing their own arms off to escape.

Good news, we picked up a couple of potential beta sites for v.19. Finally!


After the conference and the clean-up we all got ready to drive back. Unfortunately Chris left earlier & had to be phoned to return. He was needed to co-sign the cheque for the conference. We had to wait about 20 minutes for him to return ... Just lucky he hadn't left earlier or he would have been even further north. The drive back to Brisbane was fairly uneventful. We checked into the motel we were staying in and went off for dinner at Breakfast Creek Hotel. We were all still wearing the conference polo shirts & got asked by someone leaving if we were a cricket team. I assured him that, no, we were netball fans. I added parenthetically for my companions that I am a great fan of netball -- for all the wrong reasons. I forgot about the Australian tendency to overcook meat and asked for medium rare. When my rib fillet arrived it was on the well done side of medium. Next time I'll ask for rare, of course with my luck I'll end up with a blue steak. And so to bed.

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