Saturday, March 19, 2005



I cycled over to Mum & Dad's to see him but there was some confusion. When I got there I was greeted by a "Who's that" call from Mum. Apparently Diana was having trouble finding him at the airport and Mum was afraid that he had had the same trouble and ended up coming over under his own steam. I phoned Diana & she had found him and was in the process of bringing him over.

Back together again

Was good to catch up with Mike. Milo was pretty good for the first hour or so but then got bored & Diana took him off somewhere. Mike & I had a look around the bottom of the section where the new neighbours had chopped down the huge trees that dominated that corner and cut off so much light. Mum had said the neighbours could use the bottom of the section to get access for the felling & they obviously had. It was the first time in years I've been down there and not had to constantly watch for twigs trying to poke my eyes out. Then mike helped me get my dressing table back here -- finally. Haven't got the mirror yet, but that's a much simpler, one-person, job.


Diana & Cliff arrived back with Chinese take-aways. Nice meal, but I was starting to get pretty tired. Afterwards I realised that I really-really-really did not want to cycle home. Luckily D&C have a people mover, so I was able to sit in a spare seat & they dropped me off.

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