Thursday, January 27, 2011

The price of Internet is eternal vigilance

I feel I've just done something really dumb. For some time now I've been buying content as part of my project to turn my parked domain names into small sites. I've been offering to buy up unsold articles from article writers at a reduced price. When I wasn't ready to deploy I've simply been archiving.

Unfortunately I've got way behind on developing the sites and I've had a slowly growing backlog of unused articles. In some cases I didn't even read the articles before filing them away. As time has gone on this tendency has got worse.

Today I decided to do something about thirty articles on weight-loss I had in my backlog. I already have a part developed site at Weight Control and don't have another unused suitable name, so I decided to whack them up as a weight-loss blog associated with the weight control. I've put up a few articles and set the rest to auto-publish every few days for a while and then weekly until late June.

Once I had started I quickly realised that the quality of these articles is a lot lower than I was used to buying from this same source. This created a problem. I'd already started and published the first couple of articles before I noticed how bad the quality was. There was no way I wanted to throw away that investment in time, but I equally don't really see much point promoting a site like this one.

Right now I'm thinking I'll have to go in and clean up these articles, but that's very much a task for another day.

Meanwhile I've let a contract for another 20 fully developed mini-sites from the guy who developed my first 20. Will be interesting to see what he comes up with and I will be checking :)

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