Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tessa's big day in

Today has not been a great day.

Earlier this week Tessa had to have a small surgical procedure under a general anesthetic. Today Tessa & I were delivering a wedding cake she'd made for a friend's wedding tomorrow. She is still in a bit of pain so I was doing chauffeur duty.

On the way she was suddenly nauseous so we stopped for a bit then started again, about 1 minutes down the road, same again so we stopped for about 15 minutes while she sat on a park bench. Then we went down to Albany shops & she had a herb tea but still didn't feel any better. We went to the Albany village care pharmacy and Sue Jan, the pharmacist, suggested I should take Tessa straight to hospital. They gave Tessa a couple of ginger lozenges and some tissues and Anne, the assistant, spent some time with us while waiting for Tessa to be well enough wouldn't even accept payment. How's that for kindness to strangers?

Next stop Auckland Hospital. Tess was quickly triaged & sent to the Woman's Assessment Unit and there we waited, and waited, and waited. After about 3 hours a meal arrived for her, but still we were waiting.  I phoned Mum & she was willing to feed the cats but I was wondering if Tessa would be staying the night or going home. Eventually I went to the nurses station and asked what was going on. There was a doctor just sitting there, but he was obstetrics, not women's so he hadn't been given the file ... whatever, a junior doctor is a junior doctor, so he agreed to see Tessa.

Looks like nothing's obviously wrong and her symptoms are consistent with after affects of her surgery and treatment, so we were sent home with instructions to come back if things get worse. So, yes Cindertessa you can go to the wedding.

Of course, Tessa & I would probably still be in the assessment unit if I hadn't gone and asked the nurses what was happening.

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