Wednesday, March 09, 2011

On a roll

I seem to be on a roll tonight. I had a good day at work documenting a part of our development process ... normally, like most developers, I can't stand doing documentation but this was developer documentation and partially involved writing some skeleton code to improve the way we develop.

The evening started off badly though, after cycling home I got straight off the bike to go for a 6km walk in practice for the Round the Bays this Sunday. I got about a kilometre down the road when the heavens opened. I sheltered under a shop awning until it eased to light rain and then walked briskly home arriving more than a little damp.

Then I managed to write four blog posts bang, bang, bang and bang. What I found while researching each post led easily to the next, but the themes were such that each article was for a different one of my blogs so there wasn't an uneasy burst of activity on any one blog.

I have some new mini-sites to review tomorrow night so the computer is keeping me busy in the evenings ... roll on Sunday.

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