Monday, March 07, 2011

The Rat Is Back

Sometime around 1995 I started using "Kiore", the Maori word for "Rat" as my nickname for on-line bridge. It became my off-line nickname as well then my ISP email address and in 2000 I registered to get the email address I wanted. The url of this blog comes from the same source, the original name for the blog was My name/Kiore.

Starting a few months before I created the Muffins blog I had set up on my PC at home as a simple php-Nuke CMS that was mostly a blog as an experiment, I eventually exposed it (dynamic IP and all) to the public internet so I could demo it to friends. Eventually it migrated to the same storage as I later set the muffins blog on. Like a rat crossing the motorway, disaster befell it a couple of times, like the muffins site it had to be restored and rebuilt, eventually becoming a Drupal site before dieing badly early in 2007 leading to the, I won't say "abandonment" as I always intended to restore, but failure to actually restore. I still used the domain name, but only for mail until yesterday.

Along with the muffins blog, I've set it up on R3's b2evolution now and restored as much of the 2005/2006 versions of it as I could find on one back-up. I think there are other backups from later in 2006/7 I could get back but I need to find them and am working on that. It's significant that the old blog data I restored finished on a bold statement that it was now on new hosting and looking forward to the future.

Anyway as reported on the site, it's back now and I'll add new postings and recover old ones as time permits.

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