Friday, July 10, 2015

Net Hui 2015

Three days of participants from a large number of internet impacted and impacting organisations meeting to discuss the Internet, its societal impacts and its future in NZ is done. Net Hui is over for another year.

Every year for the last few years a couple of these conferences are held, usually one in Auckland and one down country. 

Wednesday I was going to catch a meal with some fellow attendees, walked into The Stables and felt so claustrophobic and out-of-place that I just needed to leave. It was almost a physical force. I've been there before with Tessa and never really liked the crowded feeling of the place, but Wednesday I got it in spades.

Thursday evening I ended up chatting with someone, I've vaguely known for a while, who has special dietary needs. I'm putting her in contact with Tessa for celebration cakes etc. She was sure we'd first met at the 2012 Net Hui. I was sure I wasn't at that one. This morning I found my personalised 2012 #nethui teeshirt in my teeshirt drawer, so either I was there or someone faked the shirt, broke in and sneaked it into my chest of drawers overnight.

The jury is still out on that one.

If I've been going since 2012 and I can only remember three I must have missed a year somewhere. I suppose I could catalog my teeshirts and work it out.

It's held in the Sky City convention centre. When I was first going, in each break, there was a mad dash across the bridge to Sky City proper and its smoking balcony. Last year there were still typically 6 or 7 smokers there (Including me). This year there were zero or one.

I discussed this with a friend from the Linux world who was there and still smokes. He confirmed that it was cold and lonely there so he was smoking fast and scuttling back to our side of the bridge. I feel he may have also said he was smoking less, but can't confirm it.

Either way it's all for the good.

Most things I've done before quitting have launched strong triggers when done for the first time since quitting. This time no, there were a couple of minor "Wouldn't it be nice" moments but other than that I sailed through.

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