Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Stand-up Revisited

Tonight I'm going to Snatch Comedy on Ponsonby Road for my second go at performing a stand-up set since I quit smoking.
It will be interesting trying a diferent venue as previously I've only ever done the Classic on Queen St.

My first go was at the end of March, 3, nearly 4 months into my quit and I tried to do a set on the lighter side of giving up smoking. There doesn't seem to be a lighter side I was able to find and express, so I bombed (The audience decided I wasn't funny). All surviving recordings of that set are now in a kryptonite lined box buried deep in the forbidden zone. Future comedy archeologists may mine it for lost material related to the smoking-age, but it will never be seen in public again in my lifetime.

I've regained some confidence since then and also tonight I won't be talking about nicotine addiction, vaping, tobacco or nicotine replacement therapy. I'm just going to try to do a regular stand-up about an aspect of human stupidity that focusses on a couple of low hanging targets.

Weirdly enough, at that 3-4 month mark I was still so totally into thinking of things in terms of my quit that I didn't especially want to rail against other forms of human stupidity, nor I suspect would I have found it easy to write a set about them. Tonight I don't even want to mention smoking.

I'm thinking of the change in my attitude as a positive sign of my on-going recovery. Let's hope I still feel the same tomorrow.

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