Monday, June 22, 2015

Food For Thought. Notes for a comedy set

I'm ready. I'm going back. This rime I know what I want to say and it's going to be funny.

My past attempts

 1. I portrayed Death. A vaguely nineteen fifties movie death, but somehow less competent. Perhaps out was a sub Pratchett death, before the great man's cat got him.

I walked away from this with my head held high. achieve what I wanted I had nothing more to prove.

2.hand sanitiser madness. Why it's pointless killing the bacteria on your hands.
This time I timed it badly. To get on stage I needed to sign up for a contest. Somehow my second ever time on stage worked and I got though to the semis. I then made a classic mistake. I over analysed where my act seemed to work best and changed it. One of three best laughs was where i forgot my line and had a pause. I tried to incorporate it and some other fortuitous laughs in the set.  This didn't work and I bombed.

Interestingly enough this year I've seen several acts on Britain's Got Talent making the same mistake and if they'd just stuck to what they did well in the auditions they would have been so much better.

3 months onto my quit I tried to do a set on quitting smoking. What was I thinking? A more experienced comic might have carried it off but even them I don't know... The material I had was very weak. I know I didn't have the strength or the experience. I know part of how I went wrong.

4. Time to try again. This time I'm determined to avoid the mistakes I made on my second and third attempts. I'm not going to over analyse accidental successes and I'm sure as Elle going to make sure my material is stronger. It already is.

I've got enough material. I need to edit it down to 6 minutes and practice practice practice.
Meanwhile I've mailed Scott requesting access once again to the Classic Comedy Club's stage.

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