Saturday, May 30, 2015

Finding Liszto, a poem

I searched the net's creative commons
I wanted new comics,
I wanted good ones
I found some art, a three year old would draw
I found sites, years to lie abandonned
Just now I found you, Liszto.

Three frames stand upon the page
"This song's among my best"
"This song's my worst"
"This song's my best, so far"
This cartoon was your last, Liszto.

Three years ago a random stranger paused
to comment on your page
"I really enjoy these. Keep it up! K."
I wish you had, you showed promise. I see it, K. saw it.
A shame you did not see it, Liszto.

I looked on your works and despaired, but
Your greatness, like Ozymandias'
is left on the endless page
I close your tab to see the next.
Goodbye Liszto.

Inspired by a search for creative commons webcomics for lising on my Best Webcomics blog mostly finding abandonned sites.

I tried to write this as blank verse, eventually I gave up the unequal struggle and it ended up much more free verse than blank. was a servicable webcomic. It wasn't a particulaly bad example, nor really was it among the best, I was starting to tire.

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