Friday, August 18, 2017

Transformation day 18

I haven't updated this progress blog for a couple of weeks. Very little change was happening & I felt I'd wandered into areas that were making me uncomfortable.

There have been a few more changes over these two weeks.
My lips have started to change, nothing major but I can see that my lower lip has become noticeably fuller & they feel softer. My skin is softening in general. My nipples have grown a bit and there are the first signs of breasts forming. My buttocks seem to have grown a bit and feel a little softer. So far there is no sign of hips developing.

The facial hair growth slowed in the first few days but that seems to have stopped changing, I still need to shave daily and if I'm going out in the evening, a quick shave on the chin and upper lip is needed to make me feel confident.

Emotional & mental changes are harder to measure. I don't think anything major has changed in the last couple of weeks, except that before I started this process I was incredibly keen to get going, now I am far more relaxed about it. Don't get me wrong, I definitely made the right decision,  but it's happening now, I feel progress and I feel good.

The first time I did comedy after starting the medication I was having a hard time getting laughs from the audience and I wondered if perhaps the medication had affected my timing; afterwards I realised that the other comedians were all saying what a tough crowd it was. I did a gig in Hamilton a couple of days back & that went quite well except I had a frog in my throat and my voice kept crapping out :( I don't think anything has really changed on stage. I'm not writing much new material at the moment but am trying to have something new each time in the middle of my set for the Hamilton gig.

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