Saturday, August 05, 2017

Days 4 & 5 Struggling with meds & bra shopping

Friday was a bit of a non-event. Things progressed from Thursday and there was little worth reporting so I'm covering Saturday and only briefly touching on Friday. I'm still feeling great & the world is feeling a little brighter.

My estradiol (oestrogen) is in the form of patches that need to be left on for 3½ days. Saturday was the first time I changed the patch. It all happened like clockwork except I don't think the skin was dry enough & it lifted a little at the edges, I've pushed it back down. I need to get with this process as I'll probably be using patches like these for the rest of my life.

I'm also taking ½ an anti-androgen / progesterone tablet daily. Today when I tried splitting the tablet, it shattered into several pieces. I eventually managed to assemble approximately ½ a tablet and swallowed that. Enough fragments stayed in the mouth that it took quite a bit of water to feel sure that it had all been swallowed. More care next time I think. Luckily these tablets are a reasonably short term part of the process. I expect to be taking them for a couple of years or so, I'd hate to be splitting pills in my 70s.

According to the timings I've seen it's far too early for me to be noticing much in the way of physical feminisation yet, but ... My facial hair really is growing more slowly, it's nearly 11 hours since  I shaved and it has only the slightest bit of roughness and as for the chest, when I showed my nipples to a 3rd person today who'd seen them before, she confirmed that they really have changed, she also commented that my chest seemed more rounded although I'm still thinking of that as moobs.

For the last 2 years I've been wearing padded bras with only my mental state to justify them, I figured with the growth expected in the breast area I would soon be able to also physically justify wearing a bra & I would like to have some that show my current state & not my ideal. This lead to another shopping trip today, as it happens once again to Otahuhu. It was a little hard to tell but I think I now have 3 reasonably pretty ones with A cups (I couldn't find any 38 AAs) to put aside for their day not-in-the-sun.

Emotionally I'm already feeling different.  It's hard to quantify, but some of the reactions I've had don't seem to be the reactions I would have had a week ago. Interestingly enough I can't think myself into their head enough to say how the person with male hormones would have reacted.  I hope that makes sense to me when I re-read it in a few months time.

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