Wednesday, August 02, 2017

HRT Day 2. Today Tomorrow and Taboo


I've been feeling really great. All blissful & happy. I went down the road to get some bread & coming back the world seemed very clear.  This seems to be happening extremely quickly, almost too quickly, and I'm wondering how much is a placebo effect from my knowing I've started the medication, how much is just that the stress of being in a male body is reduced by the knowledge that it is rapidly becoming less male in at least its chemistry.

Other things I've noticed being different today: 

  • My facial hair doesn't seem to have grown as much as normal, still needed a shave though although I may be able to get away with one a day at this rate
  • When I go to the toilet my urine seems to smell different, not as strong and obnoxious. I can't decide if this is placebo effect or just my notoriously variable sense of smell hitting a low.
  • When driving I seem to have a greater awareness of the road & traffic around me. (Subjective) 
  • Coffee doesn't seem to taste as nice. (Subjective)

Things that I haven't noticed changing. 

  • Parallel parking wasn't negatively affected. If anything the greater awareness seems to have made me more confident. 

Transgender Taboos

This does bring up an interesting point. There are a number of subjects that are generally off limits for discussing with transgender people. We don't like questions about what's in our pants, what state it's in, what we like doing & with whom ... in other words all the subjects that fascinate so many are taboo with us. The reason for this is that these questions are often distressing to us because they remind us about our imperfect bodies,  because they are the questions asked / assumptions made by "Chasers" & because many of them are closely related to propaganda statements made by the reactionaries that are targeting us. If that's not enough, imagine how you would feel if a perfect stranger came up to you and demanded to know the status of your private quarters!

And yet, here I am apparently quite happy to discuss these issues.
  • It's my body, my transition & my choice what I discuss on my blog.
  • I would never discuss someone else's transition issues without their permission.
  • Don't assume that any particular reported item is either easy or difficult for me. When you read it you don't know if it took 15 seconds or an hour to write.
  • It's only here I'm going to discuss things that distress me. Just because I see an overall positive to it being here doesn't mean I will be able to discuss it in the street or by private messages.

That's enough for one day

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