Thursday, August 03, 2017

Shopping, banana & tofu

Day 3 of HRT & more changes. I haven't got a lot to report. It's still too early for much in the way of noticeable physical  changes but I did notice a couple of minor ones and the mental changes have continued.

My nipples already seem a little larger, fatter if you will. The breast structure behind them will take months or years to develop, but this is an interesting change.  [Edit] In retrospect, I'm not sure they have changed, I think they have probably become more-or-less permanently erect, apparently this is a known thing in the early days of transitioning [/Edit]

I went shopping today with a girlfriend and I noticed that how I examined clothing in the shops was different as was how I reacted to other people I passed.

The shopping trip was fairly spur of the moment but very enjoyable. We went down to Otahuhu & browsed around the clothing shops there. I 'm not buying clothes at present; I have enough & I want to see what shape/size I end up before getting any new ones. Still it was fun looking & I enjoyed the outing. My friend bought a few things. I tried to explain that these weren't specials, they were the regular prices.

As I walked down the street I felt calmer and more confident than I have before.

In the evening I met up with some friends for coffee & had an interesting conversation. Not relevant for here, but I enjoyed it.

I'm on two different drugs, one is an anti-androgen that is intended to shut down the production and effect of male hormones, the other is a female one intended to feminise my body. The anti-androgens are supposed to work muck more quickly and are already having an obvious effect; my libido has noticeably dropped. When carrying out my morning experiment, that which was as hard as a cucumber a couple of days back is now more like a slightly overripe banana and even that is difficult to achieve & maintain as it seems more interested in being like tofu. More than that I'd happily stop the experiment now except I did decide I wanted to document this progress. It took about twice as long this morning as previously, so I'm guessing the experiment will be over before too much longer. Weird as it may seem to anyone without gender dysphoria, I'm positively looking forward to that day.

[Edited the following morning]

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