Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake Two

TV One and TV3 are running continuous programming on the Christchurch earthquake that went off at lunchtime today. To their credit, both of these channels have suspended advertising so we are getting no breaks in the coverage.

It's hard watching it, nothing like as hard for the watchers as for the people there on the ground though.

Most of the collapsed building pre-date the 1931 Napier earthquake and weren't designed to be earthquake resistant, but apparently some of the accelerations experienced in the earthquake were greater than 1 g so even some modern buildings have collapsed.

John Key's gone down. With 65 confirmed dead and probably a larger number to be confirmed it's hard to know what else he could do, but it's hard to see what he can achieve on the ground that he couldn't have done better from Wellington. Still, we expect to see our leaders on-site.

I have a work-mate that's based down there, we've been in touch and he's fine. Tracey, who was one of Tessa's bridesmaids, has a son down there, they've made contact and he's fine but now homeless.

For others the news isn't as good, my thoughts are with you and I wish you the best.

Update 9:28 PM. A spam comment was added to this post for a bogus fund raiser just a few minutes after I posted.

Obviously these jackals are using blog search to find and target recent posts. Please don't make the mistake of donating to scammers. If you want to donate, the New Zealand Red Cross is bound to have an appeal page up in a day or so; they managed the Christchurch Mayoral Earthquake Appeal after the September quake. Their site's overloaded at the moment so you probably can't get through. They are @NZRedCross on Twitter

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Vi said...

It looks terrible :( There is live streaming of the news and updates on Christchurch earthquake