Friday, September 12, 2014

Champix side-effects?

I've been going to bed and sleep a couple of hours early all week, yet I feel really tired. I did have a couple of broken nights but most nights I've slept through.

I've searched for this symptom related to Champix, and the people I've found who report it are experiencing vivid dreams and/or insomnia which I am not getting.

Today's my seventh day off the cigarettes, so I'm sticking with the Champix no matter what, but I could do with a bit more energy.

Fatigue", "exhaustion", "washed out" ... definitely. I just hope I can manage with it.

"Dizzy" - possibly what I experienced as mild nausea my first few days on Champix. Largely passed now.

"Basically a zombie with the munchies for a good 3 months" - Yikes. I've got the munchies, I hope I can avoid the other part, but if you see me wandering around saying "Brains ... brains .... brains" run :).

An earlier version of this posting was originally published on Quit line on Friday 12 September 2014.

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