Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Goooooood Morning Smoke Freeeeeee!!!!!!!!

I slept well last night, As I thought, Sunday night was just an aberration.

The desires I have for cigarettes are even less than they were on previous mornings. I'm actually looking forward to work without the dread of cravings.

I actually woke up a couple of minutes before the alarm, but felt so cold I stayed in bed. Different to when I smoked as then I woke up, grabbed my jandals and dressing gown, and walked out to the back porch to light up.

Great, I can reward myself with sloth for giving up tobacco. LOL

A former girlfriend once said that I was amazing. I'd be snoring, give one snort, open my eyes, swing my legs out of bed and throw my dressing gown on as I walked out the door. I guess like cigarettes this is now a part of my past and not my present or future.

An earlier version of this posting was originally published on Quit line on Tuesday 9 September 2014.

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